Vaccines for Children in Cyberspace

The solution is designed to directly contribute to the Decision 830/QD-TTg 2021
- Program on support for Children in the cyber environment 2021-2025

Solution for Schools
Providing free 45 - 90 minute "Internet Safety" classes at elementary, middle, and high schools nationwide to enhance knowledge, skills for safe and effective Internet use, equip Children and Young Adults with digital literacy to ensure digital readiness in the era of Industry 4.0 - the digital technology age.
Unique Selling Points
High level of volunteer-student interaction in small-sized classrooms, coupled with engaging curricula content that enhances students' knowledge acquisition.
Not only Children are the beneficiaries of the solution, but also other social sectors, such as schools, teachers, project coordinators, and project volunteers, are impacted by the solution.
Children participated in CyberKid’s not-for-profit solutions (CyberSchool, CyberClass, CyberHotline)
“Internet Safety” classes delivered at schools
Schools cooperated with CyberKid to deploy our solutions
Exemplary Schools
CyberKid's solutions