Who are we?
Founded in September 2020, CyberKid Vietnam is the first Social Enterprise in Vietnam with 100% Vietnamese ideas and solutions, led and operated by Vietnamese.
We are committed to protecting and supporting Children and Young Adults while equipping them with digital literacy in the digital age.
CyberKid Vietnam was established and legally supported by the Social Joint Stock Company CyberKid Vietnam.
We aim to develop a generation of responsible, talented, and healthy digital citizens who can confidently lead themselves and society towards a sustainable future
Empowering children and young adults with digital safety awareness, skills, and competence to ensure their readiness for the digital age
1. Equip children and young adults with vital skills to recognize, prevent, and manage online risks and potential harm
2. Foster digital competence in children and young adults, enabling them to confidently navigate future learning and employment opportunities in the digital economy and society"
Our commitment
Our solutions are designed and implemented to directly contribute to the Decision No. 411/QD-TTg dated March 31, 2022 the National strategy for development of digital economy and digital society by 2025, orientation towards 2030 and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.
National strategy for development of digital economy and digital society by 2025, orientation towards 2030
Pillar 6
Digital Workforce
We seek, guide, and train young talents with an orientation towards information technology to become a high-quality cybersecurity workforce for the country.
Pillar 7
Digital Skills, Digital Citizenship, and Digital Culture
We focus on comprehensive development of necessary digital skills and appropriate behavioral culture in the digital environment for Children and Young Adults.
17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations
Goal 4
Quality Education
We assist Children and Young Adults in utilizing the Internet and digital tools for learning and creativity, anytime and anywhere.
Goal 8
Decent Work and Economic Growth
We equip Children and Young Adults with sufficient knowledge and skills to meet and adapt to the job requirements in the future digital economy. We organize national-scale initiatives by mobilizing young intellectual forces nationwide to participate in deployment, operation of initiatives, and building a network of advisors consisting of leading experts in relevant fields.
Model of Solutions
We organize solutions on a national scale by mobilizing young intellectual forces from across the country to participate in the implementation and operation of initiatives. We also build a network of advisors comprising leading experts in relevant fields.
Children and Youth beneficiaries
Selected and trained to deploy solutions under the guidance and management of the operations team.
Contribute youth, enthusiasm and multi-purpose soft skills to directly operate the Solution.
Build and finalize solutions, promote solutions to the community, manage solution quality, connect experts and volunteers to execute projects, etc.
Create strategies for developing and deploying solutions and mobilizing different resources from society.
Accompany in developing lesson plans, assessment plans, rapid response scenarios, human resource training, etc.,
Contribute experience and expertise to the improvement of solutions and programs.
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