CyberKid is managed by its founding members on the Board of Directors, with oversight and expert guidance from the Board of Advisors in education, psychology, technology, legal, and policy fields.

Board of Directors

Mr. Anh Ky Nguyen-Vo

Director of Institute for Educational Research Development of Human Potential

Mrs. Hoa Hoang-Thi

Vice Chairwoman, National Assembly Committee for Culture, Education, Youth, Adolescents and Children

Mr. Dung Nguyen-Huy

Deputy Minister, Ministry of Information and Communications

Mr. Ung Bui-Dinh

Director, Bui Dinh Ung Law Office

Mrs. Huong Thu Nguyen-Thi

Chief of the Office, Authority of Information Security

Mr. Son Dang-Hai

Director, VinCSS Cyber Security Services Co., Ltd

Mr. Son Nguyen-Thanh

Chairman Of The Board, Media Ventures Vietnam (MVV Group)

Mr. Vinh Thai

Lecturer, RMIT University in Australia

Mr. Luong Truong-Duc

Director of Vietnam Cyber Security Co.,Jsc (VSEC)

Mr. Philip Hung Cao

Key-founder & Advisor, Cloud Security Alliance (#CSAVietnam)

Mr. Hieu Ngo-Minh

Cybersecurity Specialist, National Cyber Security Center

Ms. Thuy Anh-Luu

Master of Positive Psychology, Liverpool John Moores University

Ban giám đốc

Quynh Nguyen-Nhu

Founder-Chief Executive Officer

• Master's in Public Policy, National University of Singapore (Full Scholarship)
• Co-Head of the Cybersecurity Village - Techfest VietnamConsultant at the International
• Telecommunication Union (ITU)
• Over 7 years of experience working with government and non-governmental organizations in over 10 countries worldwide.

Thu Ha Nguyen-Thi

Co-founder, Research & Development Director

• Master's in Computer Science, Australian National University (Vingroup Science and Technology Scholarship for Master's and Ph.D. in 2023).

Thu Anh Nguyen-Khac

Co-founder, Finance & Legality Director

• Master's in Computer Science, Australian National University (Vingroup Science and Technology Scholarship for Master's and Ph.D. in 2023).

My Nguyen-Tra

Co-founder, Director of Marketing and CyberClass Solutions

• Bachelor's in Finance, Foreign Trade University.

Trang Nguyen - Phuong

Director of Partner Development

• Bachelor's in Business Administration, National Economics University.
Network of Members, Volunteers
Dynamic, talented, enthusiastic, and agile –The CyberKid team and volunteers are young people with bright minds, cultural understanding, smart working style, eager to learn attitude, and dedication in realizing the mission of  “Cultivate the future generation of digital citizens".

Branch Managers

Le Truong - Thu Nguyen

Ho Chi Minh City Branch Manager

University of Economics - Law , National University of Ho Chi Minh City.

Phuong Hoang - Mai Thi

Hanoi Branch Manager

National Economics University.

Some Exemplary Members

Duc Do - Minh

Former Member of the Partner Development Department 2020-2021

• 1st Runner-up in the Kawai 2021 Entrepreneurship Competition.
• 2nd Runner-up in the 2021 Leadership Talent Competition.
• Trainee Administrator at Centre Retail Group.

Hai Phan - Ngoc

Former Member of the Term 2022-2023

• 3rd-year student in Business Administration at the International University, Ho Chi Minh City.
• KPMG Campus Ambassador Program 2023-2024.

Lan Phuong Nguyen - Thi

Former Member of the Research and Development Department

• Runner-up in the Medical Technovation Startup Competition at the Health Technology Village and Innovative Solutions at Techfest 2022.
• Top 3 nationwide in the Young Social Entrepreneur Competition 2022.
• Top 5 at the forum for grassroots innovators in the Southeast Asia - India region in 2022.

Anh Nguyen-Minh

Former Member of the Human Resources Development Department Term 2022-2023

• Winner of the Kawaii 2023 Startup Competition.
• Winner of TECHSTART - HUST 2023 Startup Innovation Competition.
• 2nd place in the Young Entrepreneur Startup Competition 2023.

Anh Nguyen-Nhat

Legal Specialist, Finance and Legal Affairs Department

• Articles contributor at the Law Student Scientific Conference 2021-2022 organized by the Faculty of Law - Foreign Trade University.
• First prize in the SPIRIT OF LAWS 2021 competition organized by the Law Faculty - Banking Academy.
• Top 6 projects in the Vietnam region of the "#MySummerStartup" competition.
• Top 5 outstanding projects at the Student Village and Youth TechFest 2021
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