Partner with CyberKid

Join us in directly contributing to Vietnam's National Strategy for Digital Economic and Social Development and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

To ensure readiness for the 162 million future digital citizens across Vietnam and Southeast Asia, CyberKid alone is not enough. We are seeking individuals, businesses, and organizations willing to partner with CyberKid to organize and implement programs and projects with the goal of protecting and developing digital capabilities for Children and Young Adults.

Partnering formats

CyberKid does not accept any financial sponsorship from domestic or international organizations, businesses, or individuals. Individuals, organizations, and interested businesses can collaborate with CyberKid in the following ways:


Strategic Partnerships

Join us in operating all available CyberKid solutions, such as CyberSchool, CyberClass, and CyberHotline, for a period ranging from 6 months to 1 year.


Implementation Partnerships

Work with us to come up with ideas, create, and put into action projects and programs for the community. We will focus on topics and content related to your organization's interests, which align with CyberKid's scope, including: protecting, equipping skills, and preparing digital readiness for citizens in the digital age.

Our partners

Since 2020, more than 10 partners, reputable organizations, and businesses in the fields of education, psychology, technology, and aviation have collaborated with CyberKid to fulfill the mission of ""

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